How to Seek Safe Care for Your Pets When You Need Attention for Covid-19

how to seek safe care for your pets when you need attention for covid-19

Dealing with the current COVID-19 outbreak is stressful enough. Still, it becomes even more worrying when you start to suspect that you may have contracted this dangerous virus. 

While health officials recommend self-quarantining at home for mild cases, many who come down with COVID-19 may need medical care. That can be challenging when you also have pets in your home, but following these steps can help you find care and safety for them.

Stock Up on Pet Supplies

Before you drop your pet off with friends or relatives, you need to ensure they have enough food, treats, and other essentials to keep them healthy and happy.

Since getting to the pet store is impossible when you are showing signs of COVID-19, ordering online will be your best bet for getting the pet supplies you need for your furry family members.

Many online services will deliver fresh, healthy food to your front door, and many will tailor the food to your pet’s weight, breed, and activity level. The best part is that many of these companies offer free shipping, saving you money.

Regarding food for your pets, if you find yourself in need of medical care due to coronavirus symptoms, you can opt for homemade meals until you can have pet food shipped to your friends and family. Homemade dog food is pretty simple to whip up with ingredients you or your loved ones may already have in your homes. You can also make your cat food.

Disinfect Any Pet Supplies That Are Already in Your Home

If you think you may have contracted COVID-19, you shouldn’t allow anyone to enter your home. Still, suppose your loved ones are looking after pets while you get to care for your symptoms or self-quarantine. In that case, you may be able to leave essential pet supplies outside for them to collect with the proper precautions.

Start by using virus-killing cleaners to wipe all surfaces, including crates, bowls, and hard toys. If you have softer items, like blankets or beds, you should wash them in hot water to kill any germs you may have left behind.

As you clean, it’s also crucial for you to wear proper protective gear to keep from shedding additional virus cells onto these items. Once you have properly cleaned all of your pet supplies, it’s essential to understand how long the COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces so that your family members can time the pick-up of pet supplies just right for their safety.

Researchers don’t know a lot about COVID-19 at this point, but they have found that the virus can survive on hard surfaces like metal and plastic for a maximum of three days. Sun and heat can also help destroy virus cells, so leaving pet supplies outside for a few days can help keep your family safe.

Know the Facts Around COVID-19 and Companion Animals 

As you seek care for your pets, you may find that some people are reluctant to help because they are worried about whether they can catch COVID-19 from your cat or dog.

While misinformation about pets and infection spread at the onset of this global pandemic, researchers have stressed that there are currently no connections between pets and COVID-19. That guidance could change as the virus mutates and research persists. Still, right now, the only risk for transmission from pets to people is through droplets on pet fur, and that risk is still extremely low.

Suppose you are concerned about contracting the virus from your pet’s fur. In that case, you can always use approved pet wipes or give your animal a bath using shampoo and warm water.


Finding proper care for your pets is essential. Still, you shouldn’t let it stop you from getting the treatment you need during this unprecedented time. This virus can go from mild to deadly in such a short time, so the most important thing is to seek the care you need to survive it.

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