Affordably Keeping Your Home Clean and Odor Free When You Have a Pug

keeping your home clean

Having a pug for a companion is rewarding in many ways, but it does mean that keeping your house clean and odor-free may take a little extra work.

This isn’t anything against your sweet pet. It’s just that, due to certain breed characteristics of pug dogs, their owners need to be especially diligent in dealing with issues related to shedding, saliva, and general canine hygiene.

And since this can involve daily care for your pup and your home, you probably want to find ways to maintain cleanliness, health, and hygiene that aren’t too hard on your wallet.

Luckily, if you are aware of potential issues, dealing with them can be relatively easy and inexpensive.

Routine Hygiene for Your Pet

Pugs make wonderful pets. They are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and a lot of fun. But their unique and adorable appearance, with their short snouts and wrinkled skin, means that a lot of grime can accumulate in their folds and behind their ears.

Additionally, pugs are known for drooling a lot. So, you must give your pug a quick face wash every day to remove any food or debris accumulated and could lead to irritation or even infection, thus too costly vet bills. Doing this is important primarily for your pet’s health and your house’s cleanliness since pugs with unwashed faces can get stinky.

Also, please pay attention to their ear flaps, which can also accumulate dirt. These should probably be cleaned at least twice a week. Pugs should also be bathed regularly – every few weeks, ideally, unless your pet has been out and about playing in the dirt, in which case, bathe them right away.

How to Deal With Shedding

Every pug owner should be aware of and prepared to deal with the fact that pugs shed a lot. The main reason for this is that pugs shed all year round, unlike some breeds. Additionally, pugs have what are known as double coats.

That means that they have both a shorter, denser coat underneath and an outer coat of longer hairs – and because of this, pugs simply have extra hair to shed. If you have a pug puppy, you can expect them to shed extra while transitioning from puppy fur to adult fur. Pugs can be prone to allergies, too, leading to more shedding than usual, so look out for any signs of hair loss or irritation.

Daily grooming is an easy and cost-efficient way to help keep your pet from shedding all over the house. Also, make sure they get the right nutrients, so their coats stay healthy and shed less. If you’re thinking about getting a pug and worried about the shedding, consider acquiring a black pug since they usually don’t have double coats.

Home Cleaning Tips

Keep several lint rollers handy for removing dog hairs from furniture and anything else where they might accumulate. It can also be helpful to invest in an automatic/robotic vacuum, which will take care of sweeping up not only dog hairs but any dirt or debris your pet happens to bring into the house with them.

You may also want to keep a regular vacuum in easy reach if you need to deal with any debris your robot vacuum can’t reach or if you’d rather not spend on the robotic variety. You will also want to be well prepared with stain removers in case your pup makes a mess on a carpet or upholstery.

If You Are Prepping Your Home for a Sale

Keeping a house clean when you’re trying to sell it is a whole extra level of work, even if you don’t add a furry friend to the mix. Some potential buyers may shy away from considering a house that has been a home for a pet, so go the extra mile.

When decluttering, remove as many pet-related items as possible, especially if you are staging for photos. However, this doesn’t mean you should hide that you have a pet. Simply demonstrate that your pug’s presence in your house hasn’t made it worse for wear.

Deodorizing your home before putting it on the market is key here – and no, this doesn’t mean simply masking bad smells; you need to use pet-specific products and neutralizers if you can’t afford a full upholstery cleaning service. You may also want to replace any air filtration devices that may harbor lingering doggy smells.

When people show up to view your home, keep your pug somewhere safe and secure to avoid any disruption for them or your viewers. Oh, and don’t forget to tend to any other routine repairs before selling, too – such as leaky pipes, peeling paint, or damaged windows.


Keeping up with your pet’s hygiene is one of the most important ways to keep your house clean while protecting their health. You can also stay ahead of potential messes or odor problems by knowing easy ways to maintain cleanliness daily.

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