Are Pugs Intelligent and Easy to Train?

are pugs intelligent
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Pug intelligence is a bit of a debated topic. Some people say they are not as intelligent as other breeds, while others say they are clever. Are Pugs intelligent or Dumb? What is the correct answer? Let’s explore it in this blog post.

Are Pugs Intelligent? Reasons Behind Smartness.

There is a common misconception that pugs are unintelligent animals. However, recent studies have shown that they are pretty bright! Pugs can learn new things quickly and can even be taught tricks. So if you’re thinking of getting a pug, don’t let the stereotype stop you – these dogs are not dumb!

One common characteristic of pugs is that they are very trainable. They are often bred to be companion dogs and are known for being loyal and loving pets. They also typically do well in obedience training classes. So, while they may not be as intuitive or quick-witted as some other dog breeds, they can certainly be taught how to do tricks and respond to commands.

Reasons for Pugs’ Intelligence

The Pug is a knowledgeable dog with obedience and an active IQ. However, there are other reasons why this breed has such smarts:

Pug’s Instinctive Intelligence

Pugs are very self-sufficient dogs that can adapt to most situations—no matter how strange they might be. However, their instinctive intelligence can sometimes get them into trouble—as when they try to solve a problem before consulting the humans around them. This intelligence has to be monitored so that the Pug isn’t left wandering or digging when it should be under direct supervision.

Pug’s Adaptive Intelligence

Pugs are clever and intelligent; teaching them tricks is no problem. They pick up commands rather quickly and usually learn to obey the first time. However, this intelligence can also get them into trouble—as when they are allowed to run off after squirrels or chase cars.

Pug’s Obedience Intelligence

Pugs are independently minded and stubborn; however, that intelligence gives them the advantage of reasoning, thinking, and solving problems. They may be independent thinkers, but they are quick to learn as long as the lessons don’t involve too much effort on the Pug’s part. They will not know if they are bored or their environment is not conducive to learning, such as a loud, busy area.

Companionship Intelligence

Pugs are very smart to pick up on most things they are taught. They are a people pleaser and eager to please their humans. Cuddling is their all-time favorite hobby. They are loving, affectionate, and will protect you to death. Even with all these great traits, a Pug can be a little unnerving when they look you square in the eye. It’s as if they are thinking about what they want to do with you.

Examples of Pugs Smartness

  • Pugs are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Here are some examples of their smartness:
  • Pugs are often able to open cabinets and unlock doors.
  • They are very quick to learn commands and tricks.
  • Pugs usually know when their owner is sad or upset and try to comfort them.
  • Pugs like to keep busy, so they quickly learn games like “fetch” or “hide and seek.”
  • Pugs are often used as therapy dogs because they are gentle and patient with people.
  • Pugs are a few breeds that can be successfully potty trained very early in life.
  • Pugs have a natural ability to follow commands and understand human language better than most other dog breeds.
  • They are good at remembering names and faces.
  • They can understand complex instructions.

Are Pugs Dumb?

Pugs are NOT dumb. They are a prevalent breed of dog for a reason – they make great pets. Pugs are considered a brachycephalic breed, which means they have a shortened muzzle. This can cause some health problems, but it is not dumb. Pugs are known for being brilliant and loving dogs.

Pugs often snort and snore because of their short muzzle (although many do not). Because of this, they are not suitable for people who cannot stand the noise. They also have very flat faces, making it easy to step on them if you are not careful. Any dog can be stepped on, but pugs are more likely to be injured by such an action with a matte look.

Pugs are very loving companions that are great for people of all ages. Their short muzzles do cause some trouble, but there are many easy ways to help, such as carpeting your home and taking them out often. Pugs can be trained to use a doggie door, so they can go in and out whenever they want. It takes a lot of patience, but pugs are intelligent dogs that pick up things quickly when trained the right way.

Are pugs dumb? No, they are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds! If you want an amicable and loving dog, a pug may be for you!


Do pugs have enough intelligence to be trained?

Yes. Pugs are very trainable and can learn new things quite quickly. They are often used as therapy dogs because of their gentle nature and willingness to please.
However, to keep in mind, pugs can be a bit stubborn at times, so you’ll need to be patient and consistent with your training methods. Praise your Pug for good behavior and provide treats when they do something you want them to do. Consistency is key!

What is a Pug’s IQ level?

There is no scientifically accepted way to measure a Pug’s IQ. However, most experts agree that Pugs are brilliant animals who are quick to learn new commands and tricks. They are also known for their mischievous personalities, which means they can be pretty playful and fun-loving. In short, Pugs are brilliant and delightful creatures!


Pugs have an entertaining personality. They love playing with other dogs, cats, and children. They are energetic when they play, so it is best to take them out for a walk or run if you want to wear them out. Once pugs are worn out, they love nothing more than laying around and cuddling with their family.

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