Do Pugs Shed a Lot? How to Stop From Excessive Shedding

do pugs shed a lot

Why do pugs shed? Do they shed a lot? We have answered your question in detail, and why not see the extra tips while you’re at it!

What is the best thing about dogs? This is a question that doesn’t even need to be asked! However, we can answer that for you. It’s EVERYTHING! Dogs are just beautiful creatures here on the Earth to make your life beautiful.

That bliss is found in the shape of different breeds and kinds. But how do you select which breed do you want? If you like dogs that have fluffy hair and are tiny in structure, pugs are an excellent choice for you. 

However, they are known to shed a lot. And by a lot, we mean that you will be dealing with fur every day!

Don’t let this stop you from getting a pug.

Why Do Pugs Shed Their Hair? Do They Shed a Lot?

Let’s unravel the mystery. Why do pugs shed a lot of hair? Do they have Alopecia? Well, certainly not. Pugs breed dogs with a natural shedding system throughout the year. As their coats are relatively thicker and have more hair per inch on their body, it is obvious that they will shed more than the other dogs.

When we look into the history of pugs, they are originated from Tibet. And when you hear Tibet, you can automatically assume that the weather there is chilling. As pugs are from that region, they need double-coated fur to survive. Thus, pugs have double coats, which is why they shed more than the others.

How Much Does A Pug Shed?

First, let’s talk on the basis of comparison. You know that all dogs shed their coat. Now, multiply that shedding by two to three times, and that is how you can estimate the amount of shedding of a pug. Guessing by this ratio, they are sure to shed a lot more than you can imagine from other dog breeds.

If you are wondering when do they shed, look nowhere else. Pugs are usually shed daily, little by little. They do not shed all of their coat in one go but rather shed it gradually.

However, there are high times when a pug will definitely shed more than the other day year-round. These days are spring and autumn days. They will shed off their coat for the preparation of the new season.

Once they shed their coat, they will adjust to the changing temperature, and they will be all fine. It is just like the homeostasis system of the human body. As humans respond to the change in the climate, the dogs do too.

If you are a little worried about having fur everywhere you see in your house, but your heart has decided that you need a pug, I have a solution for you. I know that one cannot resist the cute face of a pug, and once you see it, all your sadness goes away. Don’t let the fur come in your way because you can own a pug with less shedding.

Black pugs are the pugs that shed less than the other breeds. The other two colors, mainly fawn, and brindle, shed more. But luckily, black pugs are the key to your happiness as they shed less. They are, however, more expensive than the other two types. But if you have the cash and the heart, do not let anything else come in the way and go and get yourself a black pug.

how much do pugs shed

How To Stop Pugs From Excessive Shedding?

Now that we are done with the why and how let’s talk real business here. And by business, I mean let’s come to the point you have been waiting for. How can you reduce the shedding of your pug? You need to know that you cannot “Stop” it from shedding, but you can surely reduce the hair you have on your couch. Here are a few ways you can reduce the headache:

1. Brush The Coat

You can reduce the fur on your bed and couch by brushing the pug beforehand. If your pug has a double coat, you will need to brush it daily. If it has a single coat, brushing the fur 3 times a week with a normal needle brush will be suitable. It will help to remove the hair without causing chaos.

2. Do Not Overdo The Shampoo

If you are considering using anti-shed shampoos. STOP; DON’T!

Pugs have rolls of skins, and if you are using harsh chemicals on the pug, the chemical can get inside the rolls, and it may cause chaffing and rashes onto your do’s skin. Prefer using oatmeal shampoo or soft shampoos that are healthy for its fur and skin.

Moreover, do not bathe your dog more than once a month. Bathing it more may lead to serious complications as it will dry up the oils in the dog’s hair and shed more. And you do not need that!

3. Healthy Diet Is A Must

Diet is the more significant thing you need to take care of in your pug. Try buying food that is specifically meant for pugs. As for supplements, you can use the supplements for shedding and health with the food as it is safe.

Let me give you a little tip. Try giving it foods rich in Omega fatty acid three and omega fatty acid 6.

When To Visit The Doctor?

If your dog sheds hair in the condition of stress or shedding hair apart from the shedding season, you need to go to the vet. At the same time, if it has patches of baldness on its coat, you need to rush to the vet ASAP! Take the change in behavior as a hint.


Pugs are one of the cutest breeds ever. They are just like a small teddy bear with their majestic thick fur that sheds.

Make sure you give it everything it needs, and you are good to go!

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