Why Are Pugs So Cute?

why are pugs so cute

The Pug dogs are a lot of dog stuff compact in small space. Why pugs are so cute, is due to their resemblance to human faces especially a babyface.

Why Are Pugs So Adorable, Knowable Facts

The wrinkled face of pug dogs, their short legs, and overall small size are not so attractive.

But they are still loved by many owners and canine experts. Now the question comes to mind, so why are they so lovely? When they are not even close to poodles in terms of adorability.

The face of a pug is flat and gives a sad look but the eyes are quite attractive, big in size, and adorable. This breed has all the top features, including playfulness, special habits, extreme loyalty, and exceptionally social. Thus, making them the cutest dogs around the world. 

Historical Background of Pugs

This ancient breed can be traced back to some 2000 years. They have a native connection with China as the earliest emperors love to have these flat-faced dogs.

Even the family and the members of the Chinese Imperial court possessed these pug dogs. They have a special status and outsiders can only acquire them in the form of a gift. Around 1500 pugs enter Europe and became the first choice of rich families. They are thought to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Now they have got tremendous global fame and recognition.

Key Highlights

  • Pugs are stubborn and need crate training initially.
  • They have a shorter length coat but it is denser enough
  • Their snore and wheeze is relatively quite high
  • They may become a victim of eye accidents due to broader large eyes.
  • They are prone to obesity due to extra eating nature.
  • They love a long-lasting human-dog relationship and will remain with you most of the time.
  • Pugs have a sweet personality with sound temperament.

The Outlook of Pugs

Body and Face

Having a compressed barrel-shaped size, and with shorter legs, these dogs possess a broader chest whose width further increases with adulthood. The dog has a flat face by nature thus sorted in the brachycephalic canine group and carries many wrinkles on the forehead and face.


The tail of a pug dog has a peculiar characteristic; it is curly by birth and has one or two loops.


Pug coat is very dense and shorter no more than an inch. However, it is observed that some pugs do have longer coats as well. Some say they are from another type of pug breed. The coat is very smooth with a prominent shine. The pug comes in four colors silver, black, apricot, and fawn.


The pugs that are not black also have some black mask that covers the facial portion from chin to eyes and muzzle.


The average pug size is around 14 to 20 pounds. However, there are variations in the upper and lower limits. In the AKC’s show ring the standard weight is 14 to 18 pounds. The standard height of a male pug from ground to shoulder is around 10 to 14 inches.


The male and female versions of pugs are different in terms of weight as the female is less bulky. The pubs have loose skin around the whole of their body. Reaching two years of age makes them full-grown adults.

The Personality and Temperament of Pugs

They are a stubborn breed but are always willing to please. These dogs do not bark like other canine species but chewing and digging are the same. They love to have friendships with other dogs and have a well-made relationship with kids.

Pugs Do Not Hunt

They are trained to be good companions, not hunters or guardians. They are blessed with plenty of affection and love to be in the company of their owners. If they are not sitting in your lap, means they are sad.

Pug’s Temperament

The dependence of the temperament of a pug is on several factors such as location, training, and community. The pugs are often inquisitive and frisky have sweet personalities.


It is mandatory for the healthy grooming of dogs to be social. Pugs are required to be given socialization training at an early age. They need to familiarize themselves with locality, surroundings, various people, sounds, and lights. Enrolling it in a kindergarten class and a visit to the park are some great ways of socializing the pug.

Why Pugs Are Loved by People

Their cute look, charming eyes are sources of attraction to many people. Their loyalty is undoubted and carries loads of affection to distribute. They possess an absolute loving nature. According to American Kennel Ranks, these dogs fall at no. 28 in popularity among various dog breeds globally.

The Friendly Nature

The bond of friendship between you and your pug is very strong. Once the relationship builds, the pug will always accompany you everywhere you go. In this aspect, pugs do not need training at all. They also love to sit alongside your couch. During winter they will keep their owners warm and cozy but they have a dominating sound of snoring.

Clowns of Canine World

The specialty of pugs that is loved by everyone is their sense of humor. They love to entertain at parties and events. Their playful nature is responsible to make you happy and laugh.

Pugs Are Great Listeners

Their listening ability is overwhelmingly stronger. Some people say they pay attention to listening more than humans. When you talk to them they love to hear your voice and remain to give you exclusive devotion.

Pugs Are Sensitive

Pugs are sensitive at higher levels. They do not accept harsh tones and the hardships of training. They are closer to the feelings of their owners and quite sensitive to them. It is not true that they need hard training. Rather they are easily tamed and trained compared with other dog breeds.

Pugs Adore Children

Pugs are dogs that do not bite and love to play with every age group of humans especially children who Pugs adore. They need proper socializing after that they will not think of you as a stranger. Their quick and easy friendliness makes them the best companions for the children.


In the light of the post above, it is now clear that this ancient breed is lovely, caring, loyal, social, and playful with its owners. So it is recommended to have a pug in your home as he quickly becomes your partner in your day-to-day activities.

The pugs have a stubborn nature but can be tamed to reside inside a home. For responsible pet owners, they serve as extraordinarily good pets. Words are words; their presence in your home will tell you how good they are.

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