How To Stop My Pug From Peeing In The House – Possible Causes

how to stop my pug from peeing in the house

One of the most common cases and, unless it is a medical issue, it is a matter of solving a behavioral situation.

So let’s try to answer the question that many owners ask themselves: how to stop my Pug from peeing in the house?

Why Does My Pug Mark in the House?

Well, that depends. Before you look at solutions, you need to think about some causes.

If Your Pug Is Still A Puppy

If your Pug is a young puppy, then it may just be an issue of training, and that is a pretty easy fix. You will find plenty of tips to help you with that shortly.

Older Pugs 

But if your Pug is an older dog that has all suddenly begun to pee in the house, then you might need to take your Pug to a vet to rule out health issues that may be causing this problem. Health issues such as tumors, infections, and kidney problems can lead to incontinence issues.

So if your lovely Pug, who has been on their best behavior until now, all of a sudden starts peeing all over the house, a trip to the vet should be a priority. 

Is It Not Health Related?

Fantastic. Then let’s get cracking with some suggestions to help you train your Pug out of this problem.

Just don’t forget that regardless of which tip or combination of tips you choose:

“You will need to be consistent.”

Your Pug will only get confused if you have an inconsistent approach to their potty training.

So make sure you make a family decision about the approach you will take.

And be patient. This isn’t going to happen overnight.

Both you and your Pug will need to work towards being correctly potty trained. 

How To Stop My Pug From Peeing in the House? 

Here are some things you need to do:

Clean up

Before you try any of the tips on this list, you need to clean up all evidence of residual urine and scents to ensure that your Pug can’t smell it anymore.

When dogs are familiar with a particular spot and believe it is an appropriate place to do their business, they will continue to do so. So the first step is to eliminate the scent markers. There are plenty of cleaners in the market that you can use for this purpose. You can even try the more natural using apple vinegar and baking soda. You may also need to do a complete, deep clean of your carpet to ensure that your house is urine-free. 

Designated Business Times

Set a few times throughout the day and evening to take your Pug outside for a potty time. For example, two good times are right when you and your Pug are awake and just before you go to sleep.

Then add times for right before you leave for work, as soon as you come home, and after meals. If you can’t be there consistently with your Pug, you may need to seek some help from family or friends.

Suppose you are going away from home for long periods. In that case, you may need to look into alternative bathroom solutions for your Pug, such as some indoor dog bathrooms. Your Pug won’t always do their business when you take them outside but encourage them and when they do their business, praise them. Make sure they learn to associate going to the bathroom outside with you giving them praise, and being happy with them.

Catch Them & Scoop Them Outside!

This is going to be a hard one. The best way to prevent them from continuing to do their business in the house is prevention. This method will be a bit of a hit and miss, but you should know the signs of your Pug getting ready to do their business by now with either the raised leg or the awkward little squat.

When you see those, grab them, take them outside and make sure they can feel the grass under their paws and let them do their business. When they are done, praise them.

For consistent training, this may mean that you need to spend some extra quality time with your Pug to get this set into motion. Still, when this is done consistently, your Pug will learn to associate doing their business with the feeling of grass on their paws. They will, in time, find it uncomfortable to their business without grass. 

Get Some Help! If you can’t be home and there are no family members that can be at home to walk your Pug, then think about getting a dog walker to take them out to do their business and to get some great exercise. Another option is the indoor dog bathroom.

There are plenty of dog bathrooms out there these days, with odor elimination options. If you train your Pug with some of the tips above, you will be able to get them to use only the doggy bathroom to do their business and not all over your house.

Some Things You Definitely Should Not Do

  • Don’t be angry at your Pug. 

Coming home after a long day at work and finding that your Pug has peed all over the house can be stressful and upsetting. But your dog isn’t doing that to make you upset. So take a deep breath, clean up and start the training.  

  • Don’t rub your Pug’s noses where they’ve done their business.

…Or yell at them or punish them. Most dogs do not respond well to punishment, and as intelligent as Pugs are, they will be confused and upset. Instead of the negative approaches to training, the positive, praise, and reward systems work best for Pugs. Especially food rewards.

Video: why do dogs pee on stuff?


How do I stop my Pug from peeing in the house? 

There is a possibility that your Pug will pee as soon as you are back home. To immediately stop your Pug peeing at home, take it in your lap. Don’t worry; dogs will not pee when kept that way. After about 10 minutes, take it out again.

How often do Pugs need to pee?

Depending on how often they drink and eat, Pugs may need to pee even six or more times a day. If you see that your Pug needs to urinate much more than usual, this can indicate a health problem. For example, a bladder infection is one of the most frequent cases.

How long can pugs hold their pee?

Most Pug (already trained) will urinate at home only if they have no choice. Many adult Pug dogs can hold their needs for up to 8 hours.

Are pugs hard to housebreak?

Small dogs are known to be more challenging to train than large dogs, and unfortunately, Pugs are known to be among the most difficult.


Your Pug is completely reliant on you. Be patient. They rely on you for food, affection, and even to meet their toilet needs. So training your dog will work for not just your Pug, but for you as well.

So take some deep breaths, hug your beautiful Pug and get cracking on the training tips. It might take a few days or even a few weeks, but your Pug can and will become perfectly potty trained, and you will love them all the more for it. Good luck!

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