Panda Pug: Top 8 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

punda pug

The Panda Pug is one of the rarest breeds of dogs. They have gotten their name from their smooth and shiny coating, commonly black and white. They have small legs, glittering eyes, and a strong upper body. They possess a loveable and sweet nature, a great trait for a family dog. They usually grow up to 10-13 inches max, with about 13-15 years of life expectancy.

Interesting Facts About the Panda Pug Dog

Family Oriented

These panda pugs are popular for having a friendly personality, a treasured pet for families. They can play with kids and adults at the same time. They have a great sense of when to have fun and act sensibly. They can easily adapt to changing environments, meet new people, and win their hearts immediately.

Wrinkly Cute Face

This dog is meant to have a wrinkle on their faces as the resemblance of a Chinese emperor. One more thing which is quite fascinating is that they can create human-like expressions such as surprised, curious, and excited, which made every pet owner delighted.

Symbol of Royalty

The dogs are linked initially back to the rich history of royal families. Pugs were commonly bred in the Chinese region as companions for ruling Emperors. They are given the status of royal dogs with a luxurious lifestyle.

They are the official members of the Netherland Royal family House of Orange. A pug saved the life of Prince of orange by giving a warning of the danger ahead.
Queen Victoria of England has also bred Pugs in the royal family, which soon laid the foundation of the Kennel Club in 1873.

In the 19th century, Pugs were bought in the United States, which families later adopted as their favorite pets. The American Kennel Club registered the breed in 1885.

Easy to Be Maintained

One of the best things about Panda Pug is that they have a smooth coating surface on their body, which only requires grooming once a month. They are easy to clean and give a bath. They do not shed their fur in large quantities, but it will likely make less mess with proper care and brushing.

Pub Pugs Are Easy to Be Trained

When it comes to the training of this breed, the dog can be trained with minimal effort. However, the owner needs to put some constant effort daily. The Panda Pug has a strong will to explore new things, making it easier for any owner to train the dog. When training, always give them treats as a reward; this will keep the dog motivated to learn more.

Defensive Nature

It’s one of the traits which every dog owner appreciates. This dog has the nature to be vigilant towards any stranger. They become active when someone enters the property or even tries to close the house. They have a good sense to identify which person has a negative vibe around and notifies their owner in time.

A Star on Big Screen

Pugs have always been a part of the Hollywood industry. They are popular for their screenplay in numerous movies like Men in Black and The Adventure of Milos. They are also part of the Netflix show ‘The Crown.’

Medical Condition You Must Be Aware of

There are some medical conditions that every owner must be aware of. Pugs are likely susceptible to eye diseases like eye prolapse; their eyes become swollen in this condition.

The initial symptoms to identify this disease are when the pug keeps blinking their eyes excessively, or the color of the eyes becomes red. Take them immediately to the nearest veterinarian, so they can be cured before it gets worse.


Panda Pugs are playful in nature. They love their owner and are always looking to cheer them up. These dogs thrive on friendly relations with humans. They can be a great source of fun for young children to play with them, as these dogs have the temperament to express affectionate behavior. Make sure to keep them clean and maintain a healthy diet plan. The better we take care of these pugs, the more love we get in return.

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